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Tracey Adams was born on the 7th of June 1959 at the Severna Park Center hospital in Severna Park, Maryland. Her birth name is Deborah Blaisdell and details about the early period of her life are scarce as she refused to talk about her life before entering the porn industry in interviews, it is believed that she attended school in the town where she was born (which would most likely have been the nearby Severna Park High School). In 1983, at the age of 24 (although some reports claim that she started at age 27, in 1985) Deborah entered the adult entertainment industry and went on to appear in over 300 films with some of the legendary characters of the scene at the time, throughout this period she went by the aliases Tracy Adams, Tracey Adams, Tracy Roams and Debbie Blaisdell and appeared in some of the most successful video franchises of the time including Girls Of The Double D, Girls Who Dig Girls, Toppers and Leatherbound Dykes From Hell. She also worked on films for some of the biggest companies in the industry of both the past and present, including Vivid Video, VCA and Evil Angel among others.

Much of the fame gained from her appearances in adult videos stemmed from an unusual trait that Tracey has, as she began her career her breast size was generally considered as average and of medium size, but as her career progressed the size of her breasts also expanded. When questioned about this, Tracey has always claimed that it is a natural condition that has caused it and that she has not had breast enlargement surgery. In 1990 she also directed two adult videos: Aussie Maid In America and Too Hot To Handle, she did not direct anymore videos after this for reasons unknown. Between 1990 and 1999 the number of films she appeared in was minimal, retrospectively this can be seen as the lead up to her retirement from the industry which is investigated in depth in the following section.


The last appearance by Tracey in an adult film was in the 1999 Bizarre release, High Heeled Dreams, and by the year 2000 she had retired completely from the adult industry. Despite of being known for her straight sex scenes while in the industry, Tracey Adams is actually a lesbian off-screen and has been with her current partner since 1998. She was also in a relationship with fellow adult performer Amber Lynn until they broke up due to Lynn's alcohol and substance abuse problems. It was also rumoured that she dated a peer in the porn industry, star Ona Zee during the 1990's, although this has never been confirmed by either party.

With no plans to return to the industry, Tracey is currently living a comfortable life with the money from performances that she earned throughout her career. Since leaving she has attended the University of California and completed a course focusing on Film and Television along with attending The Groundlings School in Los Angeles to study improvisational comedy.


Tracey herself has no official website (research on domains relating to her aliases and performances show that they are registered to companies that have "parked" them. Which is where the domain is purchased and not used, a practice which is widely known as "domain squatting"). There are a limited number of sites which offer downloadable videos that featured her, such as Porn Star Classics, due to the complexity of licensing many of her videos which are now either out of print or lack the companies that originally produced and distributed them to give permission for websites to use them. Due to her retirement, it is unlikely that she will ever create her own website and therefore any specific archive of movies featuring Tracey is unlikely to ever be created (this may be due to the huge popularity and therefore larger profits in some of the other female pornstars that were around at the time, such as Christy Canyon).


Although recieving numerous offers throughout her career, Tracey rarely appeared in any adult magazines and even when she did they were usually very small features which promoted her most recent video release at the time. This may have been due to the fact that although she was a popular star at the time, many of the adult magazines focused on a specific niche (such as Juggs Magazine which focused only on large breasted girls) and it is doubtful that she fit into any single one of these categories and therefore would only be known for her appearances in hardcore videos and not in demand for photoshoots. Despite this, there are a limited number of photoshoots featuring Tracey Adams solo although these are scarce and it seems as if only one has been licensed for web use.

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