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Julia Bond (also known as Julia Bombay or the misspelling Julie Bond in some of her earliest appearances) was born on the 26th of February 1987 in Long Beach, California. At the age of 18 she decided to enter the porn industry, the reason for which she has never explained although in interviews she describes herself as both a 'nymphomaniac' and 'addicted to shopping' which may give potential reasons. Within a year of starting she had appeared in over 40 major video releases, from companies such as New Sensations, Hustler, Evil Angel and DVSX along with appearing on countless websites in both exclusive and non-exclusive scenes featuring both hardcore and softcore. This explosion of popularity has created a large fan-based following for material featuring her and has added to the demand from producers who want to book her for shoots. Despite her age and the low amount of time that she has been in the industry, she has appeared in a huge variety of different niches in scenes already including lesbian in Girlvana (Zero Tolerance), solo in Watch Me Cum (Digital Sin) and creampie in POV Casting Couch 6 (Legend). This variety in what she performs has kept the scenes featuring her fresh and made her a favourite among fans and male-pornstars who have worked with her alike. Julia is part of a group of young pornstars (such as Eva Angelina, Leah Luv and more) who are leading the way in becoming the most popular of their generation, this being shown in the nickname ('Box Cover Queen') that she has obtained from being the main feature in so many releases from huge production companies already, despite her appearing with many older and more established stars.

Outside of the adult industry, Julia enjoys going shopping, jet skiing and clubbing. She enjoys a wide variety of music styles including rap and R&B artists such as Dr. Dre, Eminem, Three 6 Mafia and Young Jeezy while also being a fan of more heavy music such as Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. She enjoys eating Mexican, Italian and Japanese food while out and goes by the motto that she will try anything once. Her goals in life include to eventually have her own TV show and clothing line, to experience a bungee jump, to meet the famed socialite heiress Paris Hilton and to swim with dolphins. She lists her earnings per year as over $250,000 which reflects the sheer amount of work that she has done since she entered the industry and the way that her popularity is increasing the amount of money that she can earn for performances, magazine photoshoots and appearances at events such as car shows, adult trade shows and nightclubs. It is largely unknown that she has a young daughter, who as of late 2006 is 2 years old. Another factor that has only added to her fame has been her appearances in mainstream media in order to promote herself and gain new fans, this has included being featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Playboy Radio, the 'Sex Sells' mixtape by DJ Bijal along with performing in photoshoots for Eighteen Magazine, Leg Sex Magazine, LA Express Magazine and AVN Magazine among others.


Although she is a relative newcomer when compared to the other girls that she has performed with, Julia has already more fans that many other top name pornstars and the demand for her content on the internet is huge (with an average of 30,000 unique searches per month on the Overture search engine platform). She has many traits which have helped bring her to the top of the game so quickly, the most cited of these are liste below.

Notable Releases

Despite the low number of titles that she has appeared in compared to many of her peers in the industry, Julia is not without her own list of releases that are interesting for a variety of reasons (ranging from being some of her best-selling videos to date, to being featured with some of the most famous pornstars of her generation). Some of which that have gained fan attention are listed below.


Julia maintains her own commercial website at JuliaBond.com which contains her latest news, a photo gallery, a short biography, a store (currently coming soon), a press section listing news featuring her, an event diary which informs fans where they can see Julia Bond appearing and performing next, a contact form where fans can e-mail Julia and a links section which contains friends and associates of Julia. The site also offers a mailing list which can keep visitors up to date with all of her latest news via e-mail, along with offering free wallpapers of Julia modelling. The site is popular among fans although it has been critisced for offering little actual video content of Julia herself, it is currently ranked within the top 300,000 sites on the internet according to the internet ranking site Alexa.com.

However, it is not through her official site that most of her fans from the internet know her from. Julia has appeared in many scenes and 'episodes' for porn sites both original and non-original which means that there are over 50 out there advertising her content inside of their members area. Companies in particular that she has worked with are Zero Tolerance (she plays a major part in the design of their on-demand site Ztod, with many of the DVDs she has graced the cover of appearing prominently), Naughty America (appearing on more than one of their sites multiple times) and the producers behind SpunkMouth and Gloryhole.com. Most of the content of Julia that is downloaded on the web is of hardcore scenes, although there are a limited number of websites that contain softcore videos of her.

Jerry Springer

On the 26th of July 2006 (although the episode was filmed earlier than this date), Julia Bond featured prominently in an episode of The Jerry Springer Show in which she told her mother (it is unconfirmed whether it was her real mother) that she was a pornstar and had appeared in "45 to 50" videos in the last year. This was shown in the archetypal way that the television programme usually works, with her 'mother' apparently not knowing why she had been brought on to the show by her daughter until Jerry showed her one of the hardcore videos that Julia had performed in (which title was shown to her is not known), Julia was then ushered out by Jerry and explained the situation to her mother and the audience (some of which heckled and questioned her). The segment showed her mother being extremely shocked, as well as Jerry being suprised at the amount of videos that she had appeared in. It also featured Julia embroiled in an argument which almost turned into a fight with some of the members of the audience along with her mother and also kissing a lesbian in the audience. The images shown in this section are taken from her appearance, a preview video which showed some of her segment was previously available on the Jerry Springer Show official website, however it has now been taken down due to a redesign of the site.

It can be assumed that this appearance was set up as a promotion for Julia (which adds to the question of whether the mother portrayed in the episode is real or is an actress, the most likely being the latter) and is judged to have worked well, causing a small spike in search traffic for her on the internet in the following week according to the Google Trends service. Julia Bond is not the first girl from the porn industry to make an appearance on the show in order to raise her own profile, she was preceeded by Next Door Nikki, who was on a Jerry Springer PPV (Pay-Per-View) event in which she flashed her breasts to the audience among other things. Although the show is filmed in a reality-style way, it is well known that many of those who appear on the show do so for different motives and quite often the stories presented are made up or grossly exaggerated in order to the make the show interesting, this is most likely no different to the episode that Julia appeared in, and can also be backed up by her promoting the episode on her official site. This kind of media promotion can only be good for her career, and it is a way in which she could be noticed by those in mainstream outlets such as TV, Radio or Film and be signed.

Vital Statistics


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